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Avoid these MISTAKES to get a dad bod

If you like my blog, you’ll LOVE this post. Read it, in all it’s freaking brilliance.

57 Miles of Cold, Windy Awesome

The bottom dropped out of summer as if someone snapped their fingers.  We got a few showers late one evening and bam.  91° down to 68° overnight (33 C down to 20 C) and those are the highs.  We went from sweating incessantly in shorts and short-sleeves to arm and knee warmers.  I thought back on my first years of cycling when I’d quit riding outside once the temps dropped below 55° (12 C).  Years ago, 55 called for a thermal jacket.  Nowadays arm and knee warmers with a jersey and bibs is just fine.

That’s what I rolled out in yesterday morning.  The wind mentioned in the title hadn’t picked up yet and that was a bad thing.  It was supposed to push us out and we were going to fight it on the way home.  That meant no push.  We had McMike with us which is always a good thing on a windy day.  Also in attendance was my wife, Chucker, and my buddy, Mike.

It’s funny to me, as we near the end of the season, how short 60 miles is at the end of the season but how long it is at the beginning.  We had a fantastic ride, the five of us.  We went out at about 21-22-mph but I figured we’d bring it home around 18…  Not so.  We hammered on as if the 15-mph wind wasn’t trying to hold us back.

We rolled into the driveway with a fairly exceptional 19.4-mph average (my wife got 19.7 so we’re going with that!).  The last few miles were pretty brutal but all things being honest, the other 54 were pretty freaking good.  Riding a bike is funny that way.  There are always a few rough miles where you question your sanity but for the most part, I’ve only had one or two bad rides in all of the years I’ve been riding.

And even that one or two weren’t all that bad.  Now that I think about it.