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Taking Advantage of the Best Week for Cycling of the Season

The weather was nice on Monday, if memory serves. Not a whole lot of wind, unseasonably cool, but nice.

Then, a high pressure system settled in and then wind died down to nothing.

Tuesday night, the club ride, the temp was a perfect 75° (24 C) with a 3-mph breeze. We (the B Group) turned in our fastest time for the loop. Ever. A 22.5 (or 6) average. Last year our best was 22.1.

Wednesday was too nice to work. Chucker and I played some afternoon hooky and did a route I normally can’t make for a Thursday night obligation. It was a fast one – a 20-mph average on a tough, hilly loop. After dropping Chuck off I just couldn’t bear to put my bike away so I went out for a 16-mile bonus loop.

Thursday was another perfect evening for cycling but I spent a bunch of time on the phone with the club VP sorting out stuff from Tuesday night’s debacle of a meeting. I only had time for a quick loop and my legs were a little smoked.

Friday we started in thick fog/mist on the gravel bikes. It was simply too dangerous for paved roads.

Saturday, we started out in a lighter fog that got worse as the morning wore on. Most of the gang did 36 miles. I stretched it out to 51.

Then, Sunday. Oh, what a glorious day. Wind in the single digits, impossibly sunny… It was the best day of the year for a ride. Maybe the second, best day of the year.

A little on the warm side, but you can see, there was no shortage of sunshine. The six of us cruised for a 100k, though Chuck and I both opted for an eight-mile bonus to take the total to 73-miles and some change.

In all, 265 miles on the week according to Strava.

Sadly, this won’t last. This is Michigan, after all. I’ll definitely enjoy it while it does.