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Taking Advantage of the Best Week for Cycling of the Season

September 2018

The weather was nice on Monday, if memory serves. Not a whole lot of wind, unseasonably cool, but nice.

Then, a high pressure system settled in and then wind died down to nothing.

Tuesday night, the club ride, the temp was a perfect 75° (24 C) with a 3-mph breeze. We (the B Group) turned in our fastest time for the loop. Ever. A 22.5 (or 6) average. Last year our best was 22.1.

Wednesday was too nice to work. Chucker and I played some afternoon hooky and did a route I normally can’t make for a Thursday night obligation. It was a fast one – a 20-mph average on a tough, hilly loop. After dropping Chuck off I just couldn’t bear to put my bike away so I went out for a 16-mile bonus loop.

Thursday was another perfect evening for cycling but I spent a bunch of time on the phone with the club VP sorting out stuff from Tuesday night’s debacle of a meeting. I only had time for a quick loop and my legs were a little smoked.

Friday we started in thick fog/mist on the gravel bikes. It was simply too dangerous for paved roads.

Saturday, we started out in a lighter fog that got worse as the morning wore on. Most of the gang did 36 miles. I stretched it out to 51.

Then, Sunday. Oh, what a glorious day. Wind in the single digits, impossibly sunny… It was the best day of the year for a ride. Maybe the second, best day of the year.

A little on the warm side, but you can see, there was no shortage of sunshine. The six of us cruised for a 100k, though Chuck and I both opted for an eight-mile bonus to take the total to 73-miles and some change.

In all, 265 miles on the week according to Strava.

Sadly, this won’t last. This is Michigan, after all. I’ll definitely enjoy it while it does.


  1. 925brands says:

    Keep sharing, stay motivated…

  2. unironedman says:

    Is Cyclists Anonymous a thing? 😉

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