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Another Great Weekend in the Life

I know I get off on a cycling tangent pretty regularly but that hour a day (and three-ish on the weekend days) is a pretty big deal in my recovery. My bike ride a day isn’t to the status of a meeting, nor is it set in stone as going to meetings is – an afternoon of rain will derail a healthy desire for a bike ride on a weekday. It’s pretty important, though. It’s good for the mind.

This weekend was weird, as cycling goes.

After a horrendous Friday, where we had five years worth of “bad” things happen all in one morning ride, Saturday was nervous. It was chilly and a little breezy, but in the end we had quite the nice time, if it was on the slow side.

After our ride, my wife and I went to watch my daughter dive in our County Swim/Dive Invitational. Last year she didn’t make the weekend cut, but she made it with five places to spare this year – and she moved up a place to make the top ten in just her sophomore year. Very cool, indeed.

Sunday was one of the most beautiful days we’ve had for cycling, though it started out cold – or at least cold by what we’ve been used to… enough I had to cover my ears and wear a vest. On the other hand, it was impossibly sunny with barely a breeze. Mike was back with us after his little blood pressure drop episode, and Matt was back after two weeks off due to a ticker procedure. I knew going in it was going to be a slow, short day. I enjoy days like this at the end of the season. We’ve ridden most of the big rides, ridden hard for most of them… and it’s time for some easy miles at the end of the season, so easy it was. I even had enough time to take out the camera and take a photo.

We rode 36 or 37 miles together and called it good.

I wasn’t done, though. I wanted another 16 miles to make it 53. My wife rode with me for a few and headed back for home. I put the hammer down and turned that easy ride into a bit more of a workout, fighting that little breeze all the way home. I was infinitely glad I did the bonus loop. I worked some things out in my head and rode by the motorcycle crash site, hoping I could make my peace with that. It did some good, but it remains to be seen how much.

After cleaning up and having some lunch, I took one of the best naps I’ve taken in a long time. I was out for a full hour.

I woke up, mainly because I didn’t want to spend another hour on the couch, and did some maintenance on my wife’s bikes (shot bearing in her gravel bike’s headset and a creaky crank on her road bike). The gravel bike was a mess. The lower headset bearing was toast and had fallen apart. I took the pieces to the shop and had them order two new bearings, then put it back together when they said it’d be a week before the parts came in. I figured she could at least ride the bike if I could get the bearing to work half decently… I put switched the bearings, though. I put the bad bearing on the top because that gets less debris. The fix isn’t perfect, but it’s better than passable, too. It’ll hold up till the new bearings come in.

Finally, to wrap up the weekend, it was bowling night. After a fantastic dinner, I headed over to the local lanes and proceeded to roll a 636 (actual) series. Not bad for a fella who normally carries a 175-185 average. I actually got on a pretty good roll on the second game, finding my groove. I threw six strikes in a row to start the game before faltering a bit… We normally call that choking.

And then the Lions beat the Patriots (football). ?!

I got no work done other than my wife’s bikes, but man did I have a fun time this weekend. It simply doesn’t get much better.