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I took My Trek 5200 Out for a Spin Last Night with My Buddy, Chucker…


September 2018

Ever since I put my Ican wheels on the Venge, that bike has gotten an inordinate amount of love – and for good reason.  The Venge’s days for this year are numbered.  It’s almost time to take it apart, clean and lube the parts, reassemble it and put it to bed for the year.  In fact, it’s almost gravel bike season for that matter.

So the weather was iffy, but not too bad last evening.  Wind out of the east, maybe 10-12-mph.  Overcast is the correct term for the cloud cover, and “blanket” doesn’t quite do it, either.  I’ll go with “downed comforter”.  We also had some mist in the air but that proved to be short-lived.  At least it was comfortable at room temperature.

I prepped the 5200.20180917_1930212569993111887459456.jpg

I left a little early to get to Chuck’s house because I couldn’t wait to get out of the house and ride – even if it was misting a little bit.  The plan was for a slow-ish day but I picked up the pace a little faster than I probably intended but that happens when I’m feeling really good.  The asphalt was a little wet but not near enough to throw up a rooster tail.

I pulled into Chuck’s driveway, and just like that, the mist stopped and it lightened up just enough to give a fella some hope.

We started out with a tailwind and rather than start hammering, Chuck was content with just cruising – which I was more than happy with as we’ll be hammering out the hard miles this evening anyway.

I love this time of year.  Bad weather days are on the increase and that will mean I finally get some time off the bike without feeling like I’m missing out (I’ve only taken eight days off since April – I’d rather take active recovery rides than a day off if the sun’s shining, or even if it isn’t, as long as it isn’t raining).

We rolled past the site of that motorcycle accident from last Thursday, twice, and I got a little closer to making peace with what I saw.  I still have a tough time with that empty look on the guy’s face.

From that point on, we were eating wind most of the way home.  We didn’t sit around watching the grass grow, but we weren’t hammering it too hard, either.  We simply put our heads down and motored.  Before I knew it we were on the home stretch.  I pulled into the driveway with 23-1/2 miles and a big case of the “life is awesome’s”.

I do love that about a good bike ride with a good friend.  It doesn’t get much better than that… until you start hitting 24-mph.

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