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In recovery, life doesn’t get any better…

There are several clichés in recovery… who am I kidding, there are hundreds.  One of my least favorites is “think, think, think”.  I don’t know where that one came from (the context is a little different than how I take it, if I remember correctly), but my response is “no, no, no, don’t, don’t, don’t”.  Especially early in recovery.  There are some things I am very good at in life.  Others, not so much, and I can think myself into a box quicker than most.  It’s definitely best I leave the multiple “think’s” to others, all things being honest.

Then we have the deeply profound clichés:

In recovery, life doesn’t get any better… you do.

This is why twelve step recovery programs are so important to what happens after one stops drinking or using drugs.  To be fairly straightforward about this, anyone can switch addictions.  How many times do we try the only beer, only mixed drinks, only near-beer, only weed/pot/doobage switcheroo’s?  I exhausted every one of them – my personal favorite was the “only beer, liquor, and weed” combo.  That was a fantastic year, right there.  Anyway, I digress.

Let’s take it back to the point, and why all of the so-called “evidence based” recovery techniques produce worthless results:  In recovery, life doesn’t get better.  I do.

If I’m not doing anything to get any better, and the people, places, and things around me certainly won’t be changing any time soon, I wind up miserable because the only thing that changes is removing the escape hatch from my perceived miserable life.  It’s like taking the pressure release valve off a pressure cooker just to see what happens.  It’s no bueno, folks.

In other, simpler terms, if I don’t get better, life won’t, and to be fairly blunt about it (because that’s kinda how I roll); who the hell would want that?!

Just a thought for a Friday.