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How I Set My Bike Up for Trainer Season…

A commenter asked on my Thursday post whether I use my normal riding wheel on the trainer… I don’t.

I have a slow set of wheels that originally came on my Venge. I hate that set of wheels. For the longest time, those were on my rain bike. Those wheels saw all of the nastiness plus my trainer miles.

Then, I bought carbon fiber wheels for the Venge, so what used to be the good wheels on the Venge are now the rain wheels and that old set I hate is now the back up “just in case” set and my trainer wheel.

Not training wheels, smartass. Trainer wheel. I saw you a mile away, Steve.

Anyway, the correct answer is I would never ride a good wheel on the trainer. I’d buy a junk wheel and use it before I’d use a good wheel.  Also, I wouldn’t want to mess up a perfectly good tire on the trainer.  Trainers have a tendency to wear tires out, so I save old tires – because I rarely ride a tire till it’s natural end – to use on the trainer.

I always thought, why put a good wheel and a perfectly good tire through extra wear on the trainer?

And yes, I am well aware of, and grateful for, my first world problems.


  1. Sue Slaght says:

    Jim do you have any suggestions as to best brands to buy for a trainer? Or what to look for in one? Thinking this is going to be a birthday present to myself this year.

  2. Sheree says:

    Don’t tell me it’s trainer season already. We’re still enjoying temperatures in mid 20C/77F. I can’t believe I’m still wearing shorts in mid-October by now I’m usually into my 3/4 bib-shorts and long sleeved jersey!

  3. jwintx14 says:

    Thanks Jim for the feedback yesterday. Today I called my LBS, picked up a true wheel (sans cassette) for $15 to use for a trainer wheel. Put on a cassette, threw on a tube and an old tire (I have kept a few as well, perfect for this use). I used to ride my old bike on the trainer, but now I’m in business. Bring on the rain & cold front 🙂 Thanks again!

  4. If you can justify the outlay, direct drive trainers are a cut above! No more switching wheels or wearing out tyres or adjusting roller clamps to stop slippage. I’ve hammered out many hours on mine and would never go back to a wheel-on design.

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