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The Cycling Season ain’t Over Yet… Even if it does Feel Like It.

It’s been cold here in Michigan-land. To put a bit of truth to it, it’s been cold, cloudy and windy, with a side of crappy for a long time. Normal high temp for this time of year is 60° (15 C). We’re lucky if we see 50° (10 C), but that means we’re riding when it’s 40° (5 C)… and damp, and cloudy. Oh, and crappy. Can’t forget the crappy.

It’s a bummer for sure, but we’re still riding. We rode yesterday and managed to sneak in 37 miles before the rain came. We were rained out for Saturday. 33 on Friday, again, just beating the rain. Monday and Wednesday were cloudy, but relatively nice gravel bike days. Tuesday was a cold and windy. I’d been working a little too hard so my legs were smoked. I chose to ride with my friends, Phill, Brad, and Vince rather than slog it out with the A Group. Thursday was a nice spin on the trainer to try to loosen my legs.

…And the forecast for the next two weeks is even worse.