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I can’t believe it’s November already…

November 2018

Another year is in the books, and it just hit me that it’s November already. They sure do go by fast when you’re having fun.

I took my friend’s tradition over when he passed away from brain cancer years ago, of celebrating the entire month of my sobriety anniversary.

Twenty-six years this time around the calendar. No mood or mind altering substances, no breaks from reality, no escaping down a rabbit hole… and most important, no more running. Once I paid off my probation fees in 1994, I was free.

Literally free. I was figuratively free a year or so before that when I did my first full fourth through eleventh step. Maybe I should put it that my mind and spirit were free at that point, and my ass was free when I got my walking papers from court. That’s about fair, methinks.

It’s a good, grateful morning to be alive.

And that is why I sobered up all those years ago. That was my hope, sitting in treatment, going through DT’s, having narrowly (and legally, though barely) avoided five to ten in prison. I just wanted to be happy to be alive.

My friends, I’m only 48 years-old celebrating 26 years… I was barely legal to drink when I quit. If I can pass on one thing to those who choose a program of recovery young, to those newly recovering, it’s this: having the means to work through life’s problems, and the support network to aid in that effort – it’s as if you have all of the answers to life’s problems at your disposal. You just have to look them up and talk to someone about them, maybe talk to a few people about the rough spots…

I have a wealth if experience and knowledge available to me that is unimaginably vast, infinite, and free of charge. In fact, the people who hold this knowledge and experience give it freely only with the hope that in giving it, I will enjoy life as much as they do (or more).

Sobering up young is like cheating at life.

I highly recommend it.


  1. Awesome man. Twenty six years strong!

  2. fitnessgrad says:

    Sorry about the loss of your dear friend Jim

    But I am proud of you and happy for you, congrats 😀


  3. Sue Slaght says:

    Congratulations Jim. It always warms my heart when you get to anniversary month. Inspire on my friend! I’ll continue cheering.

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