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And so Winter Begins… It’s Time for some Easy Miles

November 2018

Winter has begun, more than a month and a half early. We’ve had our first snow already, and the temp is regularly below freezing… yesterday we were well into the “feels like” temperatures. It “felt like” 20 (-5 C) when we would normally ride, at 8am. My wife and I rode our trainers.

With all of the hard work of the season done, I’ve been looking forward to some easy spinning anyway….

For the longest time I’d get right into trainer season and I wouldn’t take any time off. I’d push hard gears and put some decent effort into trainer time all winter long. I switched up last year, though. I decided to go easy after the night ride (first Tuesday after the time change in November) until we hit the New Year Holiday. I got to thinking, it just doesn’t make sense to ride hard twelve months out of the year, so I decided for a couple of months, I’d take some time to enjoy gravel riding outdoors if I had the opportunity, but for the most part, the hard riding was over.

I’ve gotta tell you, after all of the training and effort, it’s quite nice to have a couple of months where it’s just riding for the fun of it.  I think that’s how it should be for my anniversary month, anyway.  Just enjoying life as it is, rather than trying to push through it.


  1. Sheree says:

    Snow! We’ve had snow too but fortunately only in the southern Alps.

  2. buckyrides says:

    Your weather must be the flip of mine, we have had a super mild time so far, normally we have had a lot more rain by now. Strange for us. Winter though is my season to get my FTP up! 🙂 Summer im just using my fitness and riding long and tough.

  3. joliesattic says:

    My trainer is working me hard on the bike. I hope come spring I’ll be fit again enough to give it another go.

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