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The Key to Cycling Fitness is to Want To when You don’t Want To

A blog friend of mine wrote a post about his journey to finding fitness yesterday and it inspired me a little bit.  While I don’t ride every day, I do ride a lot – enough I don’t have to worry about riding in the rain as those are limited to about a day or two per month between May and October.

What’s important is how I’ve maintained the “want to” over the last seven years (seventeen if you want to lump in the running years) – especially on those days where I don’t really want to.

The author of that post had it and didn’t quite know how to put it together…

Once I get out the door, I love riding.  Once the pedals start turning, I’m almost always glad to be on the bike.  The trick is to get suited up and get out the door.  After that, it’s gravy.