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Funny thing about recovery, you tend to get exactly what you’re looking for. There’s just one trick…

I went to a meeting with my sponsor last night. It’s an interesting time for us. He was hit by a truck in May, doing a good samaritan deed on the side of the road. He wasn’t in a car accident. He was hit by a truck going 50-mph. That he isn’t dead is a miracle in and of itself. He’s getting around on a walker now, and will shortly be progressing to a cane, but he still can’t drive. So once a week I pick him up and take him to a meeting. We follow that with dinner and some wonderful conversation.

Being able to spend a couple of hours a week with him has been invaluable. It’s an interesting time in my life and helping him while he’s helped me has been dynamic.

As the Title says, I get what I need in recovery, but there’s an “if” and I’ll get to that in a minute.

We read a story out of the Big Book last night, on page 499, “There’s nothing the matter with me!”

The last paragraph struck a chord with me last night. It made me smile:

You find that big people discuss ideals, average people discuss things, and little people-they just talk about other people. And you realize that if you put this all together, you get a little humility, a little tolerance, a little honesty, a little sincerity, a little prayer-and a lot of A.A.

A sponsee from a while back sent me a text this morning that he’s coming back after some road tests that didn’t end so well (do they ever?) and he asked if I was able to work with him again.

I responded that it just so happened I was in need of someone to work with, so it looked like it would work out for the both of us…

The funny thing about recovery, the trick, is you get exactly what you’re looking for… as long as you’re looking.

It’s getting close now: