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Celebrating the Specialized Venge; Six Years of One of the Slipperiest Bikes Out There.

The Specialized Venge was rolled out for the first time in 2012 as one of the first “aero” road race bikes. Today, it dominates as one of the slipperiest bikes in cycling clubs the world over.

We have five of the first generation Venge’s and one ViAS in our club, between the A and B Groups. The closest representation of another super-bike is the Trek 7 Series with just two. While we have every major manufacturer represented, only the Specialized Venge has such strong interest.

It can be argued, fairly, that the first generation Venge was the perfect aero bike. It was possible to make the bike mountain climbing light (14-ish pounds) with the right components (close to the UCI legal limit) and enough cash, but where it was extraordinary was that it could be made to be within a pound of that for a reasonable sum ($6,000 give or take). If you look at the second generation ViAS, the initial high-end version was more than 18 pounds. The less expensive versions, one would assume, were better than 20 pounds. They’ve worked the weight down a bit, even with disc brakes, but today’s ultra-aero comes with a fairly stiff weight penalty.

Anyway, for those of us who have been fortunate enough to own one, we are a part of a special group of cyclists; those who know exactly how fantastic it is to ride one of the slipperiest road bikes ever made.

On the New WordPress Editor…

I would like to thank the folks at WordPress for kicking out their new editor.

You’ve managed to produce a product that has pissed me off so much, I’m honestly thinking about hanging up my blog for good.

Nice work. 

UPDATE:  There is a link that is supposed to let you switch back to the old editor.  For some, that link won’t work.  If you want to continue using the old editor, next to the settings chainring in the upper right corner, you’ll see a triple dot.  Click on it and scroll down to the bottom.  It’ll say “use classic editor” or something like that.  Click on that and it’ll switch back to the good editor.

Here are a couple of screen captures to make this easier:

Old Editor 1

Old Editor 2