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How to Sprint Faster?! The Position Best Optimized for the Sprint

I read a great article that looks in great depth at the position pro sprinters adopt to get a few extra mph-km/h out of their sprint.

Did you know the average pro sprint finish is right around 40-mph and lasts less than 20 seconds?

The best I’ve ever done, without a howling tailwind, is 34-1/2 so I’m fairly stoked about that, but the forward position the pros sprint in? I can partially get there, but at 48 years-old I think it’s just a bridge too far.

Still, for a fairly huge change in positioning on the bike, they say you can get as much as an extra 5-km/h out of your sprint.

For your average weekend warrior like me, that’s the difference between 34-1/2 and call it 37-mph (once you consider I’m almost that low already).

Whether a sprinter or not, give the article a look. It’s quite an interesting read.