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Bike Porn Vs. Reality and a Wonderful, If Simple, Cure for Depression

This one is an oldie but a goodie that’s enjoyed a resurgence of late.

You know me, the pun was abso-freaking-lutely intended…. and without the letdown.

Alright, with the Eating Over, It’s Time to Get On with It (or Back to It, as the Case May Be).

Thanksgiving is the one weekend a year where I, along with much of America, lets everything go that’s related to a diet.

Fortunately, everything still fits properly as far as I go, so I haven’t gained too much weight. Still, I walked out of the in-law’s house feeling a whole lot bigger than when I walked in (the scale says I definitely gained a few, but I know a lot of that was water weight from pain and inflammation – once that dials back a bit I’ll have to check again).

My wife and I took the gravel bikes out for a 20-miler Sunday after making our way home – a good decision as we got 3″ of snow yesterday. It was the Trek on the trainer after work.

That out of the way, rather than wait until Christmas, it’s time to get back on the diet program and lose a few before Christmas dinners. My lose goal is to be as light as I was going into Thanksgiving – a cool 170 pounds come springtime.

It never ceases to amaze me how much life hurts when I’m inactive.  Just four days off and I felt like I was 70.  Two days back on the bike (and in my normal bed, the bed up north was horrible) and I’m back to pain-free and sleeping like a baby.  I always feel sorry for the “exercise hurts too much” crowd because I know the reality; polishing the couch leather with my butt hurts a lot more.