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What is Fake News? This’ll Do.


November 2018

The use if the term “fake news” has been met with some consternation. I thought I would share an example from one of my favorite blogs that just might clear things up for you. In the end, it is quite simple.

Misleading, eh?

Fake news isn’t so much about the news being fake, it’s about manipulating a story to promote a Democrat, liberal or progressive agenda.  And yes, while we’re at it, FOX does this too, to an extent, but FOX is no match for the vast array of liberal media organs that masquerade as “fair”.  They’re anything but.


  1. In these times of fake news we have to rely on what we see in our neck of the woods, what we investigate, research to come to a conclusion and be informed. TV or digital news is not 100% accurate anymore.

  2. @vapor_sage says:

    The “mainstream” media news sources have abandoned any idea of credibility. They merely cater to those who like what they’re saying and equally to those that point out how flawed they are.

  3. Is amazing what news outlets release in order to make sales these days, real news and journalism is gone

  4. Tony says:

    The irony of the fake news situation is that the mainstream media has lost so much credibility. It’s a Shakespearean justice. The more they lie, the less we trust them.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Truer words have never been written. I really enjoy it when they (the collective media) throw a hissy fit over the fact that we won’t see those lies their way.

      • Tony says:

        It is such a frustration to me who learned journalism from the experience of chasing down facts and reporting them. Now, all they do is chase down arguments and distort facts to suit their agendas. Journalists have deteriorated to public relations people just pushing their product. So sad.

      • bgddyjim says:

        That’s exactly right! Public relations firms. First time I’ve ever seen it put that way.

  5. capejohn says:

    Thanks for this. I’m going out to rake my yard today so I don’t loose everything in a fire.

  6. joliesattic says:

    What is scarier is that there are people out there that live by it. It plays on emotion rather than rationale.

  7. Archetype says:

    Propaganda, it is that simple buddy. A tactic that dates back thousands of years.

    Propagandist information to manipulate a narrative that fits a persons conditioned mindset. I.E. right or left. Ultra Conservative or Ultra Progressive.

    Often, the term Liberal gets lost on many. Liberalism shares some of it’s roots with Libertarianism. Aside from the small gov ideology, both champion freewill and choice. But Progressives on both sides do not believe in absolute choice.

    The classic definition of Liberal or Liberalism is to honer Liberty and Equality. Neither extreme right or left wholly believe in this concept. The term liberal has and continues to be applied to PROGRESSIVES and Progressivism. Which, has it’s roots in both Fascism and Communism. Many confuse these ideologies as to be completely opposite, when in fact they are more similar that different. The only real difference is on the economic side.

    I disagree about Fox, they are as manipulative as any other msm. It’s just presented in a more subtle manner. I don’t utilize ANY msm for news. As they will always have an agenda, again right or left. Their (fox) agenda is to keep people divided as cnn,nbc, etc does. Keep the FALSE left-right paradigm alive to keep ratings up, to keep the billions flowing, to keep illegitimate parties in power.

    As long as the majority keep thinking and believing that the left and the right are different nothing will change. BOTH are war-mongers, BOTH are murderous enterprises. Both advocate killing, and-or imprisoning whistle blowers. Both advocate BIG government programs, and Big Government.
    Which means HIGHER taxes…

    With what we know about BOTH parties, it amazes how anyone (with logical analysis) could stand for and champion either of these two corrupted, criminal entities. But alas…the willfully ignorant masses continue to do so. Why?

    Mostly fear I believe. Not wanting to confront the brutal, harsh, evil truths that exist in those they supposedly elect and trust. Trust! Ha! A concept beyond the pale when it comes to government…

    • bgddyjim says:

      I gotta say, you hit it on the head on this one… except for liberals and progressives. They’re the same thing. Libs started calling themselves progressives when they sullied the term liberal beyond repair. That’s what libs do – when the truth gets out about their agenda, they just change the name and say it’s something different.

      • Archetype says:

        From my research and talking with classic liberals, liberals are not really progressives. If you look at the history of liberalism, it is defined by those who honor and champion liberty and equality.

        Liberal ideology was founded on freewill, I think perhaps a small faction of liberals started calling themselves progressives, but without understanding what it truly is and that vintage progressivism was more aligned with fascism than communism or other ideologies..

        The Nazi’s were considered progressive, more so than the Soviet Communists. It was considered a progressive movement against Marxism. That is why it is clear that today’s leftists are of the fascist-corporatist variety.

        I agree that many so-called modern liberals are extreme leftists, but they are labeling themselves incorrectly. I am a liberal, I believe in freewill and absolute choice. Equal property (both personal and real) rights and unbounded liberty.

      • bgddyjim says:

        I love that last bit… I’m going to use it, too. It’ll drive the far-left extremists bat-$#!+ crazy! Nice.

  8. Archetype says:


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