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Endurance but not resistance training has anti-aging effects – Study

December 2018
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Over at One Regular Guy Who Writes About Food, Exercise and Living Past 100, Tony writes at the link above about a new study out that shows endurance training, but not resistance training, has anti-aging effects…

It’s about time endurance sports caught a break.

It seems there’s a new report coming out every other day lately misrepresenting a study, going so far as to say cardio makes one fat.  They go back to the Paleozoic Era or some craziness to support the notion that, while evolution is a thing, it really isn’t because back when the first people roamed the Serengeti for food, they would have starved to death if cardio was good for losing weight.

Folks, I just have to interject this one bit of sanity here; eating too much is bad for losing weight.  Cycling, running, walking, or rowing are fantastic ways to lose weight.  Are they the most effective?  Now that’s debatable, but I’ll maintain that whatever puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good about exercise is the best.  Sure, if I had a home gym, a personal trainer and a chef to cater to my every whim and a $500,000 a month paycheck, now that is the most effective way to lose weight!

Anyone who wants to fund that lifestyle for me – for research purposes, of course, drop a line in the comments section.  All serious offers will be considered.  Sadly, I won’t be getting a tattoo of your company logo on my forehead in exchange for funding that lifestyle, either, because money is nice but stupid is forever.  Anyway, I’ve gone way off on a tangent, so let’s bring the ship back ’round.  It’s time endurance sports caught a break…

Folks, there’s something exceptionally rewarding when it comes to endurance sports over your quick and easy high intensity intervals or the gym.  It’s not that HIIT and the gym don’t have their place, they obviously do, it’s that heading out for a cruise on the bike and covering 40 miles in a couple of hours – you just see so much!  There’s nothing that comes close to that experience in a gym… or in 20 minutes.



  1. biking2work says:

    Amen-cycling/running gets you outdoors and loving the view along the way. The gym does not. The main reason that there is limited funding for trials such as this compared to Pharma? Because their market is disease treatment, not prevention. If they focus on prevention, they know that they will go out of business

  2. elisariva says:

    So what I get from the study is both endurance and HIIT showed better results than strength training, correct? I completely get it when it comes to endurance. Rather than $500,000 a month, I want 72 more hours a month! Finding the time to spend 2-3 hours on the weekend is my challenge. And I admit it is a matter of priority too. I’ve found HIIT training and hour long workouts to fit better with the choices I make on what I want to accomplish.

  3. fitnessgrad says:

    Hahahah! if someone funds your 500,000 month paycheck, THAT SAME PERSON, needs to hop over to my page and fund me as well, I was just listening to ESPN not too long ago, and they were discussing how Lebron spends 1 million dollars + for his body (to maintain it and keep it top notch shape & obviously healthy, etc) so, yeah, if someone wants to fund this lifestyle for me, I mean, I won’t say no, LOL obviously it has proven to work for him & who doesn’t want to be in the best amount of health and shape possible 🙂


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