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Daily Archives: December 8, 2018

My March to 10,000 Miles…

I started out the 2018 doubtful I’d be able to beat 2017’s 9,392 mile total.  A lot went right last year and I had to ride a bunch just to make it to 9,000 miles (let alone almost 9,400).  Humorously, when I started out 2017, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to beat 2016’s 8,509 miles… That’s been a theme, really, since 2012.

2011-2018 Overview.JPG

Eventually (probably next year?) I’ll plateau, even drop mileage year-over-year, and I’m perfectly okay with that because now that I’m up in the higher mileage bracket I’ve realized something important:  The 10,000 mile mark, while ‘neat’, isn’t the important part.  What’s important is the time in the saddle I was able to spend with my friends.  I had a lot of fun this year and I’m excited for another packed full with great memories.

As a final note, for those who don’t consider trainer miles as miles ridden, for your count, I have 8,000 miles this year (almost on the nose).  As far as I care, though, I figure if I ride the miles, they count.  I’d happily ride outside if it wasn’t 15° F (-9.4 C) and dark at 5:15 in the evening.  Gotta love winter in Michigan.  In any event, with the days I’ve got left in 2018, if I average 15 miles a day I’ll have 10,000 in the bag – and that should be easy enough.

Ride hard, my friends.