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Daily Archives: December 10, 2018

New Study: Sleep is Good, But Let’s Not Overdo It…

I just read a report on a new study that shows some serious adverse effects of getting too much sleep.

The researchers collected data from over 116,000 people who lived in 21 different countries around the world. They followed them for eight years and found that those who slept more than eight hours a night were more likely to experience a cardiovascular disease or death.

To be exact, if the participants in the study slept eight to nine hours, the increased risk was 5 percent. That’s not a huge increase, but the risk increases drastically from there. For people who slept nine to 10 hours a night or more than 10 hours a night, the risk jumped to 17 percent and 41 percent, respectively.

And naps?

It seems that naps are great, but only if you slept less than six hours the night before.

Friends, I’ve been a five to seven hours a night guy for decades. Decades. And for decades I wondered if I was slowly killing myself because I wasn’t hitting that magic eight. So the six to eight hours recommended in the study is a relief. At least I’m close.

As the report concluded, everything in moderation, my friends. Even sleep.