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What Would I Do if I Ran Out of Words?

I read a post from a blog I just started following a short time ago. It tickles my funny bone to think of the question, posed to a writer:

What do you do when you run out of words?

Now, I don’t necessarily consider myself a writer, but in some respect I know I’m close enough for government work. That said, I do post prodigiously. I think I’ve posted almost every day for the last four or five months – I just checked.  I only missed two days since June. It’s a rare day I run out of words, but what if I did?!

This is very simple…

I’d buy a new bike. But with disc brakes this time.

Or I’d put a new crankset, stem, handlebar, pedals or wheels on that bike:

Or I’d paint an old bike, and outfit that old, majestic beauty to bring it back to its former glory… to make it even better than when it was new:

Or I’d go on a cycling trip with my wife and friends:

Problem solved. I don’t know as I’ll ever run out of words… just in case, there’s the one thing that makes all of that awesome stuff possible:


Yep. That’ll do. I’m good. Chuckle.

Bicycling: Watch: Driver Tells Cyclist He Can Safely Use Phone, Then Crashes

Bicycling: Watch: Driver Tells Cyclist He Can Safely Use Phone, Then Crashes.

This one is funny!

I must add though, I don’t condone riding between traffic, in the middle of the lane, just because we can fit.  Still, I had a nice laugh.