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The Most Anticipated Women’s Specific Saddle in the History of Cycling; The Specialized Power Mimic

My wife has had saddle issues for as long as we’ve been riding.  I’m not going to get descriptive here, because it’s simply not necessary.  If you’re a woman, you know the issues.

Specialized set out to fix those issues.  They brought in dozens of women and a couple of scientists and went to work.  The end result was the Specialized Power saddle with Mimic Technology.

Its release was possibly the most anticipated in women’s cycling.  Ever.


The saddle is so popular the entry-level model, starting at $145, is completely sold out.  Our local shop had two on order, but they weren’t sure when they’d come in so to make sure my wife had hers for Christmas, I ordered the next level up, for $175.  That’s a lot of cheese to spend on a saddle but a possible cure for the angry cycling coochie is worth every penny.  That’s love right there, baby.

Ladies, don’t take my word for it, this is the review that sold me.  If you need more, try here or here.  If you’ve had a tough to impossible time finding a saddle that doesn’t scorch the nether-regions, this sounds like the saddle for you.  Having had the uncomfortable conversation with my wife, and feeling helpless to do anything of any worth, as I read the symptoms the saddle addressed in the review I became ecstatic.  Every one my wife had complained about in the past.

The point being, there’s so much buzz around this saddle, even guys are snapping them up for their bikes (and I’ve heard a lot of good to that end as well).

My friends, this could be the most anticipated cycling saddle ever created.  If you’ve got angry kitty issues, check it out.