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My March to 10,000 Miles Pt. 2: Closing in on the Goal – Mo Miles

Four weeks ago I was rather blasé about whether or not I was going to come up short of 10,000 miles for the year, or just barely make it. It was going to be close enough I didn’t think I’d get there. I started riding longer miles on the trainer to give me a better chance because I was going to have to put in better than 500 miles for December – not exactly easy when you’re just shy of halfway between the equator and the north pole.

Well, shortly after December 4th I realized I might be able to make it. I was going to have to ride every day of the month (certainly not a big deal), but it was looking as though I’d cross over the mark around the 28th, maybe the 29th, with a couple of days to spare, max. As of Saturday morning, halfway through the month, I only had 220 miles to go.

To help, after two months with temps vastly below normal, we hit a warm up over the weekend. It wasn’t balmy or anything special, but it wasn’t 20, either (-7 C). We took the tandem for a spin on Saturday and had a fun 30 mile excursion – and by fun, I do mean fun. My wife and I stayed up front for all but one mile.

Sunday morning rolled around and it was cold and foggy – freezing fog. Still, we were hopeful because the forecast called for sun. We pushed the 8am start to 10. Even with the late start it was still gnarly. We opted for the least traveled route we could come up with. And the fog got worse the longer we were out. We opted for a couple of bonus miles but took it home with just shy of 20 miles.

After yesterday’s ride on the trainer, I’m down to 153 to go with 13 days to get there. I should make it with four days to spare (or more if we get some decent weather).

Not bad for a workin’ fella.

UPDATE: Shhhh… I played hooky this morning when my help texted last night that he couldn’t show up this morning… I got another 21 in on the gravel bike before work. Make that 132 with 12 days to go.