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Playing Hooky for Some Winter Miles and My Buddy Chuck the Mile Whore…

The weather up here in Michigan land has been gnarly… right up until Monday.  Of course, it had to be Monday.

Saturday and Sunday, the weather was gnarly with freezing fog and cloud cover when it wasn’t foggy, but I still managed to get fifty miles in with the gang.  Monday was a full work day, no chance of getting out of that so I rode on the trainer.  Tuesday, however, I didn’t have anything going until the afternoon so I did what any self-respecting cyclist would do… I played hooky.  We geared up and did a fun paved/dirt route.  Wednesday, my buddy Chuck texted that he wasn’t interested much in speed, but he’s going for a whopping 12,000 miles on the year so let me know he’s planning on being “mile whore till the end of the year”.

We rolled at 8am… as early as we could possibly leave without absolutely needing a light, and for once, I got my layers just right so I was comfortable, but not too warm.  It’s such a rare occurrence getting it just right – usually I’m too cold.  Mrs. Bgddy was a little ornery the day before, so having made up, it was all laughs and jokes about my wife’s tendency to cuss like a sailor when she’s ornery.  My standard remark at each punchline was, “I’m not sayin’ nothin'”.  I’m a lot of things, stupid isn’t one…

And then we hit the headwind.  It wasn’t brutal, but you knew it was there.  My wife and Mike lined up in my draft and rode me like a rented mule.  Chuck rode next to us for a better workout.  Funny thing how a headwind will quiet a group down in a hurry, no?  After maybe four miles of straight headwind we turned east and enjoyed the sunshine.  It started out a little chilly but turned into a fantastic morning for a bike ride.

My wife and I split off from Chuck and Mike and headed for home, pulling into the driveway with exactly 20 miles.  Chuck went on to put in another twelve miles before calling it good.  I showered and headed to work.

We’ve got an interesting day on tap today.  We’ve got rain moving in this morning so I don’t know how this is going to pan out… we shall see.  It’s a good problem to have.