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A Fun, if Icy, Ride with My Friends

I never know what to expect from days like yesterday, as far as who will show. We got a dusting snow the night before and it was chilly out… 29° but with the wind, it felt like a balmy 21° (-6 C) with an 8-mph wind out of the southwest. One thing is certain, as the guy who posts the rides I know one thing; if one person shows, I’m riding.  I can’t just shuck it off and ride inside.

I expected the crowd to be sparse with the cold and the potential for ice, maybe two or three of us. I was wrong. Phill, Brad, and Chuck all drove up just a few minutes to 9:00 – Diane and Mike rolled up just after the other three.

Everyone readied, and rather than stand around in the cold, we got moving, but Brad showed up with his rain road bike so we altered the route to give him more pavement than gravel. Unfortunately, we found out early on, we were dealing with some ice.

One item helped in dealing with the cold; I got my layers right. I wasn’t exactly warm, but I sure wasn’t cold, either.  I have a tendency to dress too light for the weather for fear I’ll sweat… so I go the whole ride just a little too cold and don’t really enjoy the ride anyway.  Instead, the last two rides out I chose to go with a fourth layer in lieu of three – the difference was amazing!  I enjoyed the ride rather than gritting my teeth to get through it.

The ice was enough that we stayed out of a subdivision that would give us an extra mile – north/south roads were bad, but the less-traveled roads were treacherous.  We were slow and deliberate and made sure to point out anything that even looked like ice.

Amazingly, as cold as it was outside, I was able to enjoy our ride, right up until the last mile.  We pulled into the driveway with a cool 23.9 miles – only 50 to go to hit 10,000 and we’re hitting the road this morning in a couple of hours – we’ll have a perfect winter’s day for a bike ride – taking the tandem today!

A New High-End Bike Shop Website

I just happened on a new website (to me) this morning whilst checking the weather for our ride.  While I’m not in the market for anything right now, some of the deals on the website, for some excellent high-end stuff, are simply amazing so I’m passing it along, my friends.

Enve SES Ceramic wheelset for $2,000 (regularly $3,200)
Blue Axino 105 Black Edition (full bike):  $1,500
Argon 18 Radon frameset:  $300
Rolf Prima Ares 4 carbon clincher wheelset:  $1,500

You get the idea – these are some of the best deals on ultra-high-end stuff I’ve ever seen.

Check out the items on sale here.