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December 26th – Finally Time for a Day Off… ?

I crossed over 10,000 miles yesterday on the way home from a ride with my wife, my best cycling buddy, Mike, and our regular riding friend, Diane.  With about three miles to go, we figured out that I’d make the needed mileage to pass 10,000.

I’m five days early.  Two weeks ago, I was hoping I’d have a day or two to spare.

On the home stretch, I announced to my friends that I would probably take a few days off.  My wife, God bless her, laughed and shouted, “b-u-u-u-u-l-l-l-sh-sh-sh-sh-i-i-it!”

What she didn’t know, actually nobody knew, was that I really was tired.  My hip has been bugging me, my feet are a little tender and with five days to spare, I really did think it was time to take a day or two off to get ready for next year.

On the other hand, I feel really good this morning.  Maybe it was the entire afternoon lounging around the house yesterday, but my hip pain is gone – entirely, my feet feel good, and it didn’t take me any “warm-up time” to get moving this morning.

The weather this morning is supposed to be great for a ride, too.  It’s going to be cold, it’s below freezing, but just barely.  Next to yesterday, 30° should feel pretty balmy.

Oh, and I didn’t do myself any favors yesterday by pushing myself away from the table, either.

Meh, I’m ridin’, baby.  There will be plenty of days in the very near future where I’ll be wishing I could get outside.