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The Shepherd’s Pie War… Obi-wan has Taught You Well.


December 2018

My wife’s sister introduced us to meat pies a couple of years ago. First, it was a turkey pot pie the day after Thanksgiving. It was, as one would guess, awesome.

Then my wife dropped a perfect chicken pot pie.

Well, not to be outdone, my wife’s sister dropped a perfect shepherd’s pie on us next.

My wife countered with an excellent rendition of her own and executed a flawless browned cheesy top.

Next her brother-in-law chimed in with a layered shepherd’s pie that looked like it was made directly for Jesus. It was amazing.

My wife, however, just dropped the mic. She cooked up a perfect roast the other day, but we had a lot leftover. It was a big roast.

What you don’t see in that first photo is the roast beef, roasted vegetables, and the gravy.

It was as if a meat and potatoes pie crashed into crack.

Mere words cannot do the amazing dish justice. It was truly restaurant worthy.

So, if you ever see yourself looking at a fair bit of leftovers, put together a shepherd’s pie. It’s fantastic.


  1. Love it! This is my kind of sibling rivalry.

  2. Try making shepherd’s pie with sweet potatoes rather than an Idaho potato. I tried it with leftover turkey a few weeks ago — delicious.

  3. Brent says:

    Sadist. Post food porn pics but don’t post the recipe? Ouch!

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