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Daily Archives: December 29, 2018

Wait a Second… Snow?!

When Mrs. Bgddy and I fell asleep last night, I had visions of a group ride dancing in my hea… melon.

I woke up at 4:30am in the morning (thank you Lady Redundant Woman), checked a few emails and promptly fell back asleep – at a few minutes past 6. My wife woke me up with my buddy, Phill on the the other end asking if we were riding. Mrs. Bgddy said it had snowed last night. Not much, though, so I should take a look.

There was only a 10% chance of precipitation when I closed my eyes. 10%, and the roads are covered. And the back roads too.

I’d so thought I was going to be able to crush out the last few days of the year outside – I was actually looking forward to it.

Yesterday was a fluke 52° when we woke up. The roads were wet, bit we never got more than sprinkled on for a few minutes. With the fenders on the Co-Motion tandem (Sponsored by Assenmacher’s Cycling Center*) I didn’t even have to wipe down the bike. And we spent 29.7 glorious miles sweating out an 18-mph average with 15-mph winds from the south. It was spectacularly, fantastically glorious. 18-mph on the tandem at the end of December?! The missus and I are rockin’!

I was just about to throw the good rear wheel on the Trek and get it ready to roll… and now it’ll just be another hour on the trainer.

Bummer, dude.

On the other hand, this is the biggest problem in my life today (that I know of). So that’s not so bad.

Ride easy my friends. Riding hard doesn’t start for three more days.

*Assenmacher’s didn’t sponsor my Co-Motion (or the fenders). The shop did turn the flat-bar tandem into a road tandem for me, but I paid for that. Also, I paid for the fenders, but the owner did have his best mechanic help me install them. It just sounded cheesy and commercialist, in my noodle, to put it that way. I’m a little on the snarky side this morning.