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Digital EPO/Doping? For Those with a Little… Err… FTP.

January 2019

My friends, for the love of God and all that is Holy, there’s a new way to lose friends and shun yourself…  It’s called Digital Doping.

I can remember a while back, a fella who commented on the most popular post I’ve ever written (How I Got Fast – A Noob’s Guide to a 23-mph Average) accusing me of lying about the fact that I’d done rides averaging 23-mph.  He required that I supply him my Strava info as proof, because obviously, if it didn’t happen on Strava, it didn’t happen.  Instead, I gave up some data from my Endomondo account (because I didn’t use Strava back then).  I hammered him pretty hard, too, for being an @$$hole about it.

This year, our B Group managed 23-mph, or very close to it, several times on Tuesday night – and I’m hooked up to Strava now, so the rides actually happened (thank goodness).  Long story short, I was pretty hot that the person who left the comment challenged me to begin with.  After all, who would lie about such a thing?!  You’d have to be a loser of epic proportions… and then I read there’s a site out there that scrubs and boosts one’s Strava data.

My friends, if you’ve come to a point where you’ve gotta artificially boost your stats on Strava, hang up your cycling shoes and melon protector for a minute, get your ass on a mountain bike on a trail somewhere and take a few hours to remember why you ride a bike in the first place.

While it is fun to write posts about what it feels like to be in a pace-line that averages 23-mph (and it’s even better to be able to be one of the horses of that group), eventually you’re going to have to back those bogus stats up in a club setting and “I just don’t have the legs tonight” isn’t going to cut it when you get dropped in the first five miles.

It’s better to be honest about the phone book full of people who can beat you than to lie and have it come out that it’s actually two phone books full of people who can beat you.


  1. Almost as bad as the ones who run a marathon or half marathon, and cut the course…..or in a few instances at Disney….ride the monorail!

  2. unironedman says:

    Jaysus that’s depressing. For most of us folk, whatever we do, it’s all about the fun, the challenge, and occasionally, beating our best time. If I can do that from my office chair, what’s the point? Ignore these people. They only drag you down…

  3. capejohn says:

    My son, who races in Austin says it best. “I do like to brag about my riding stats but I also know that no one cares about them but me.”

  4. The guy who challenged obviously has never been on a group ride. 23 mph average is pretty easy with a fit group sharing the work.

  5. It’s crazy that something like Digital EPO actually exists, but as long as there are leader boards, statistics and segments (no matter how virtual) there will always be people looking to cheat them to stroke their own ego. It’s the sad reality of modern over-sharing “look at me” culture.

    A lot of my rides are semi-private (so only followers can view them) meaning they don’t even show up on Strava leader boards any more.

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