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TWO Fantastically Wonderful, Perfectly Awesome Winter Rides?! Bet.

I was going to call it impossible, but it happened…

It was barely freezing outside and for a second day in a row, nary a cloud in the sky and we had a group coming out to ride. I prepped the tandem the night before. I changed Mrs. Bgddy’s saddle and swapped out pedals. It made sense, taking the tandem. More work for me, and less speed for my friends who just want some fun miles on yet another perfect day in January.

Three minutes to ride and my wife asked if we could switch to single bikes. She’d ridden a metric ton of miles in the last week and she figured she might want to cut it short… she didn’t want to have to hold me hostage if she wanted to head back.

That’s love right there, baby.

It presented a problem, though. I had the pedals on the tandem. I also, because I was sure I’d ride the tandem, put my trainer wheel on the Trek and mounted it on the trainer.

I could have, probably should have, put the pedals on the gravel bike and rolled. I wanted to ride the Trek, though. I love that bike, and missed riding it. I went to work. Swapped pedals, changed the wheel, dialed in the derailleur, inflated the tires and rolled the bike out the door.

Like the morning before, we were a little skittish over the first few miles as the roads were a little damp and the temp hovered right at freezing. Any worry was for naught, though. The roads were fine.

I was on a skinny tire, as was Matt, but everyone else was on their gravel rig. That meant I was going to spend a lot of time up front in service of the gang.

We settled in and the conversations started. That is the best part of winter miles. They’re bonus miles so it’s rare you get someone trying to push the pace too hard. Instead, the ride is more a celebration of being together.

The headwind picked up the farther north we got and it became a little like work getting through it, but we decided to keep pushing for bonus miles. No telling when we’d be outside and together again. We were better than 18 miles out before we turned back for home.

Heading home with a tailwind and the sun shining was something special. It was the best we could have hoped for on a January morning.

It was another reason to love cycling. I spent the rest of the day with a smile on my face.

Good times and noodle salad.