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Relentless Positive Attitude

January 2019

Paul W. Smith, a local radio personality, likes to add in his daily broadcast, based on an interview from years ago, the phrase “relentless positive mental attitude”.  I have used that phrase for decades, simplified by one word, since I sobered up.  I just couldn’t put a simple phrase to it until I heard it….

A potent secret to my success is a relentless positive attitude.

Rather than look at things negatively, even when “bad” things happen, I look for ways to add “good” to the situation rather than detract from it.  How can I improve things rather than make them worse?  This is relentless positive attitude.

This isn’t to say we’re always smiling and chipper – that would be near impossible.  On the other hand, the only way I know to be smiling and chipper most of the time is to pursue a positive attitude relentlessly.

I can have happiness or anguish – it’s all how I choose to look at life.  Even when life sucks just a little bit.


  1. As well as being incredibly hard working, all the most successful people I know possess this relentless positive attitude. It’s something I’m still working on…

  2. Relentless. I like it. Good post, bro.

  3. jwintx14 says:

    So true how this is a CHOICE – thanks Jim for the reminder. Great post as usual!

    In other news, have you been off the bike for the past week? Haven’t seen your rides on Strava but don’t know you to take extended time off! Hope you are well!

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