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Peter Sagan Rode a Specialized Allez in the Tour Down Under to a Second Place in the Criterium; What Does that Mean to a Mere Mortal?

Peter Sagan rode an alloy Allez at the Tour Down Under in the crit race to a second place finish – he won the race last year.


So does that mean any of us should be able to show up at the local club ride with an entry-level Allez and hope to ride it to victory?  Well, hold on a second, sparky.  It isn’t quite that simple.

The bike Sagan rode is a long way from what you or I could get without a special order and a lot of cash… the high-end Allez Sprint Comp Disc available from Specialized is a nice, aero alloy frame with a Tarmac fork and a Venge saddle mast.  That much, aside from custom paint, is exactly what Sagan rode – and that’s exactly where the similarities end.

The public version is then fitted with Shimano 105 hydraulic disc components.  Certainly a worthy groupset, but Sagan got Dura Ace Di2.  Sagan also had Roval 60mm deep dish carbon wheels, a $2,500-ish upgrade for we mere mortals.  He also got the ceramic everything bearing upgrade.  Finally, he got his unmarked Zipp stem and S-Works unmarked Aerofly handlebar.

What does all of that mean?  Well, Sagan’s Allez was actually be a little lighter than his Venge when he lined up to start the race.  Only slightly more than 17-1/2 pounds for an alloy bike.  Not bad.  Ours would likely be around 18-1/2 to 19 pounds out of the box (guessing, of course).  Still, not bad for an aluminum bike – and with the greater frame clearance allowing wider tires built into the frame, riding that alloy frame on, say 26 or 28mm tires would actually make it feel reasonably comfortable – and there’s no doubt, as is mentioned in the article, the alloy Allez will be considerably stiffer than a carbon fiber Venge – one of the stiffest carbon fiber frames on the market.

In the end, for $2,200, the Allez Sprint Comp Disc is a legit road bike.  It’s no Venge, but it’ll do – and if you went all weight wienie on it you could get it down to about 17 pounds flat.

Of course, my Venge only weighs 15-3/4 pounds…

I wonder what Sagan thought of the bike as he took second in the Crit.  Interestingly, it does go to show that you don’t need an ultra-light carbon fiber bike to compete – at least, when you’re a three-time world champion.

I won’t be trading the Venge in any time soon, though.