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Peter Sagan Rode a Specialized Allez in the Tour Down Under to a Second Place in the Criterium; What Does that Mean to a Mere Mortal?

January 2019

Peter Sagan rode an alloy Allez at the Tour Down Under in the crit race to a second place finish – he won the race last year.


So does that mean any of us should be able to show up at the local club ride with an entry-level Allez and hope to ride it to victory?  Well, hold on a second, sparky.  It isn’t quite that simple.

The bike Sagan rode is a long way from what you or I could get without a special order and a lot of cash… the high-end Allez Sprint Comp Disc available from Specialized is a nice, aero alloy frame with a Tarmac fork and a Venge saddle mast.  That much, aside from custom paint, is exactly what Sagan rode – and that’s exactly where the similarities end.

The public version is then fitted with Shimano 105 hydraulic disc components.  Certainly a worthy groupset, but Sagan got Dura Ace Di2.  Sagan also had Roval 60mm deep dish carbon wheels, a $2,500-ish upgrade for we mere mortals.  He also got the ceramic everything bearing upgrade.  Finally, he got his unmarked Zipp stem and S-Works unmarked Aerofly handlebar.

What does all of that mean?  Well, Sagan’s Allez was actually be a little lighter than his Venge when he lined up to start the race.  Only slightly more than 17-1/2 pounds for an alloy bike.  Not bad.  Ours would likely be around 18-1/2 to 19 pounds out of the box (guessing, of course).  Still, not bad for an aluminum bike – and with the greater frame clearance allowing wider tires built into the frame, riding that alloy frame on, say 26 or 28mm tires would actually make it feel reasonably comfortable – and there’s no doubt, as is mentioned in the article, the alloy Allez will be considerably stiffer than a carbon fiber Venge – one of the stiffest carbon fiber frames on the market.

In the end, for $2,200, the Allez Sprint Comp Disc is a legit road bike.  It’s no Venge, but it’ll do – and if you went all weight wienie on it you could get it down to about 17 pounds flat.

Of course, my Venge only weighs 15-3/4 pounds…

I wonder what Sagan thought of the bike as he took second in the Crit.  Interestingly, it does go to show that you don’t need an ultra-light carbon fiber bike to compete – at least, when you’re a three-time world champion.

I won’t be trading the Venge in any time soon, though.


  1. unironedman says:

    I’d trade my bikes for his legs…

  2. Sheree says:

    Let’s face it, Sagan could beat us all on practically everything. I still haven’t forgotten the time he tried to teach me how to do a bunny-hop.

  3. I wonder why he rode that bike? Push from the sponsor? I’m sure it wasn’t 100% his choice. It was only for the crit, which is more of a show than a proper race. I bet he won’t ride it on any of the TDU stages!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Brother, it was lighter than his usual bike when they were all done with it! Plus it was stiffer so he should have gotten more out of the sprint.. it also would have been comfortable with the tubeless tires…

      Sure it was a gimmick, but I think he showed it’s mostly in the legs. They just wanted to show you can race on an aluminum frame. It opened my eyes.

      Still, after it was all said and done, he was still racing a super-bike. Dura Ace Di2 and Roval 60’s with ceramic bearings made that bike.

      • Yep, but a top end Specialized carbon frame would have been better, if only very, very marginally. If the result of that race would have counted towards overall standings I bet he wouldn’t have used it.

        My alloy bike is a race orientated frame. Super stiff and light even with the 60mm rims. Takes off like a rocket! Not the most comfortable frame but it’s not made for that. For us mere mortals who aren’t chasing sprint wins my millimetre margins, it’s damn fine. For crit racing alloy is a good choice.

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