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And all of a sudden, I’m not 24 anymore… But I Certainly Don’t Feel or Act Like I’m 48, Either.

I have three things going for me that have helped me to look, and more important, feel considerably younger than my age.

I quit alcohol and drugs when I was 22.
Almost immediately after sobering up I found that fitness vastly improved recovery.
I quit smoking shortly thereafter.

There’s no question my body doesn’t work as well as it used to, but knocking on the door of 50, I love how active I am at my age.  I get the occasional ache and pain, of course, but to hear some people describe the pain they’re in at my age, and I simply can’t relate.  And I’m infinitely thankful I can’t.


Some days it’s surprising how tired I am when I get home from work.  Even so, I put on my cycling get-up and put my time in on the bike.  After more than 50,000 miles I can count the number of times I felt worse after my ride on one hand – trainer or outdoor miles.

Fitness, extended youth, and happiness never happen by accident.

Ride hard, my friends.