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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder… The True Joy that is Cycling Remains.


January 2019

Life has been absolutely hectic lately.  We’re up against a hard deadline at work and we’re running out of time before lawsuits start flying.  On the plus-side, we’re on the last trouble floor before we get into some breathing room.  The building is absolutely beautiful and one of the most challenging jobs I’ve ever been a part of.   On the other hand, this is my view every morning:20190115_0740481207915555796467100.jpg

That’s downtown Detroit, and the reports of its comeback aren’t exaggerated.  I’m glad and fortunate to be a part of the resurgence.  On the other hand, good Lord is it sucking up a lot of time and energy.  Work has meant cycling is a little sketchy.  I missed a day on the trainer due to a late shift Monday, then another Friday for bowling.  Put in context, I didn’t miss a day in December.

I came down with a cold earlier this week but it really showed up Friday.  That ruined my plans of going to work Saturday morning and banking some easy time off for my upcoming springtime trip to the hills of northern Michigan.  I’ve got three weeks of vacation anyway, but four sounds much better.  No sense in not banking time off now, when it “feels like” 7° (-14 C) for a few days in May when it’s 75° (24 C).

I slept in Saturday morning and decided to try to sweat my cold out.  My wife and I hopped on the bikes/trainers just before noon and, enjoying the movie Ender’s Game, I ended up staying on the bike for a little more than an hour.  I simply got lost in the movie and didn’t even notice time passing.

Doctor Martha Castro added in a comment to my post yesterday, “We cyclists feel a lot younger than we are.”  It got me thinking about how lucky those of us who are truly bitten by the cycling* bug are.  Not only do we get to feel years, or even decades younger than others, we get to thoroughly enjoy that which preserves our youth at the same time.

There’s no doubt, we are a lucky bunch.

* I toyed with the idea of just using the generic “fitness” to describe the bug rather than specifying “cycling”.  Runners, walkers, cross-fitters… there are plenty who feel the same.  It just didn’t have the right feel when I tried to put it to ether.



  1. Sheree says:

    Cycling (thankfully) does keep us fit, active and younger looking!

  2. capejohn says:

    It’s a balmy 43 F and I’m about to hop on the bike to go food shopping. Sunday is shopping day around here and every store and parking lot is full to near capacity. I park my bike in the bottle return room, get my stuff done, and I ride. It may or may not be a direct route home. Probably not

  3. cycling tears my muscles apart lol, but it is a beautiful thing. the family rides today and we’re pretty excited. have an epic day my friend

  4. OmniRunner says:

    Get well soon. Being sick sucks.

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