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The Hardest, but Best, Time, of Year, for Losing, Weight.

Please forgive the use of the Shatner Comma, the man is a genius.

I digress.

How many times during the winter months have I sat before a full plate and thought, Ah. F*** it. The damage (from Holiday season) is already done? In the past I’ve always defaulted to, “I’ll lose the weight when the miles pick up in the spring”

If I had a dollar for every time, the Ican wheels on my Venge would be Enve’s

The last two winters have been the same. Up to 180+ pounds, then wonder why I do that to myself as I’m trying to thin down while getting fast at the same time, followed by a resolution to be smarter next winter.

Well, this year I got tired of the same old boring crap. I’m doing something about it. I still got up to my buck-eighty, barely, but was only there for a minute and I’m already on the way back down.

It’s all about the food…

I’m not about to preach to anyone about what they should eat.  I’m no fan of vegan diets (and even less a fan of vegans).  Vegetarians are a bit more balanced, but there are still huge gaps in nutrition that have to be made up with supplements.  Personally, I like fun foods – after all, part of the enjoyment of life is enjoying what you need to fuel it.  I’m for a balanced, tasty diet.  I also happen to enjoy the calorie-dense foods which means I have to watch my portion sizes.

As an example, I’ll use pizza – almost a universally enjoyed food.  I’ve got friends who can sit down and kill a whole large pizza – between, approximately, 2,500 and 3,500 calories, give or take.  My usual is half that, or normally about four slices.  Any more and I’m asking for trouble on the scale.  Less is unnecessary.  I can eat fun food, I just have to be smart about it.  The flip-side to that coin is, if I can’t be smart about it, I can’t eat it.  90% of the population can consume alcohol in moderation.  I cannot, so I don’t even try.  That’s how it goes…

Learning to be hungry…

After the Holidays, when I decided to go on a diet, and I use the word “diet” loosely, it took a couple of weeks to get used to being hungry again.  It only lasts a couple of weeks and my body adapts.

I’m down five pounds, already and I’m hoping to be 170 pounds, five pounds lighter than I was at the end of last season, when I get into the spring mileage increase.  From there it’ll be a drop of another five and I’ll be exactly where I want to be.

Winter really is the perfect time to shed a few pounds.  I’ve wanted to try this for a few years now, and I’m stoked to be heading in the right direction.  Spring is going to be fun…