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What Are Cyclists Doing With Their Winter? Now is the Time to Get Fit – Don’t Wait Till Spring

Our friends in the southern hemisphere are enjoying their summer right now, and hopefully some of us northerners are heading down that way to bask in the warmth a little. For those of us who aren’t so fortunate, we’re hunkered down as winter hits with a vengeance. It’s so cold in Michigan, with the windchill, it doesn’t matter whether you put a C or F after the temp, it’s darn-near the same. We hit -45° last evening… actually, and I didn’t know this was possible, but the temp’s so cold it flipped: -45 F is -42 C.

Anyway, no riding outside today.

Now is still the perfect time to be cranking up the pace to get ready for spring. With less than six weeks left before we’re outside pedaling again, why wait? Up in the great north, at least before Zwift, most would wait until the spring thaw to really kick their fitness in the pants. I like to take advantage of the natural lag in “want to” of others and hammer January and February so I can enjoy my spring ramp up to speed.

Push the hard gears on the trainer, my friends, we’ve only got four to six weeks of winter left. If you start now you’ll be amazed at how much fun spring is while everyone else is working double-time trying to catch up to you.

Remember, riding fast doesn’t have to be as scientific as its made out to be. Just train to push harder on the pedals and the rest will work out in the laundry.

Ride hard, my friends.

‘Learn to Code’; It’s Okay for Me, not for Thee. The Origin of the Meme and What Whiners won’t Tell You Through the Crocodile Tears…

Trigger (heh) warning:  This post is political in nature and, unlike certain subjects in the news, is actually based on real facts.  It also has some opinion in it, but mostly facts.  Anyway, if you don’t want to read a political post based in fact and reality, move along.  You have been trigger (heh) warned.

I published a post a while back about little boys who don’t know how to can’t change a flat tire as illustrated in an insurance commercial. I was criticized as being equally lame because I couldn’t, oh I can’t even remember at this point, something about building a webpage. I still get a chuckle out of my reply, “Seems like someone doesn’t know how to change a flat.”

Back several years ago, when then President Obama decided it would be a good idea to kill the coal industry, snarky journalists left-wing cheerleaders twattered and wrote that the soon-to-be laid-off coal miners should “learn to code”. That meme came from another earlier meme in which some silicon valley kid suggested the homeless should “learn to code” so they would no longer have to be homeless.

Well, folks, the meme is back! This time it’s being rightly hurled back at the same media types left-wing extremist hacks who flung it at the coal miners as they were recently “laid off” from Buzzfeed – that would be the same Buzzfeed who just got kicked in the nuts by Robert Mueller for peddling in fake news – and Huffington Post.

Wait, you didn’t know the Michael Cohen “if true” story was fake? Well, you do now.

Anyway, now that “learn to code” is being thrown at the hacks who once used it on hard working, blue collar coal miners, the vast left-wing conspiracy theorists who are left, including some higher-ups at Facef*** are treating it like some kind of hate crime.  Free speech for me, but not for thee – another variant.


Try this, media hacks – and this goes for FOX, too – try a little less opinion and stick to the facts. And remember, “if true” should never be use again. Second sign of fake news, right there, only slightly behind “unnamed (or anonymous) sources close to the [insert target of fake news hit-piece here]…”

Perhaps it’s not fair, though, to place all left-wing hack reporters under the same umbrella.  Maybe that’s going to far, no?  I mean, after all, it’s not like they were all called deplorable… or how about racist because of who they voted for… or something like that.  The guy is orange for God’s sake.  Come to think of it, there’s a great anti-racism joke in there somewhere.

Anyway, enough politics for another few months.  Learn to code boys and girls, because reporters created their own lay-off.  Keep it up.