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The Best Non-Bike Shop Entry-Level Road Bikes…

I happened on an article listing the six best entry-level road and gravel bikes. Typically when I see an article like that, I know I’m going to write a post explaining why the author is mistaken – because they typically list crappy big-box road bikes with twist grip shifters and other nonsensical parts that usually come on cheap mountain bikes.

Those ultra-cheap bikes are quite literally $#!+. They’re worse than useless because you’re always fighting the bike to make it do what you want it to… especially if you try to ride that bike in a group setting.

Well, I was shocked to find I agreed with just about everything the author of this particular post wrote. Right down the the importance of STI shifters, and the fact that Shimano Claris is just one step above junk, Shimano Sora is legit kit, and 105 is the baseline for good equipment.

In other words, the author is an actual roadie, it’s clear.

So, if you’re interested, check out this article – it’s a nice read. And if you’re or someone you know is in the market for a good entry-level road bike, send them the link… and tell them to go for the 105 equipped steed if they can afford it. It’s likely going to be the best of the bunch… next would be the two Sora steeds.