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The Home Stretch to Spring; It’s Time to Gear Out Your Bike

February 2019

A couple of things for today…

With just four weeks left till March, we’re upon the home stretch to spring. Now is the time to hit that last gear on the trainer so by the time the weather breaks, we are ready to go.

For the uninitiated, this will be a tough gear to get around. Done correctly, your legs muscles should burn a bit. Don’t start out your ride in the 52/11 gear. Start out in 52/12 or 13. Upshift a gear every five minutes until you run out.

The next day will be an easy day. 52/13. The day after, an intermediate day, 52/12. The third day, hit it hard. Five minutes in 52/12, then upshift to your last gear. Stay in your last gear till you can’t take it anymore and downshift one gear. Once you’ve recovered, right back to the big dog.

By the end of the month, you’ll be ready to go, cruising in that hardest gear the whole ride. And you’ll be in your best spring shape ever.

If you can’t get to that last gear, don’t fret. Use the hardest gear you can get around once you’ve built up some pedal momentum.

Friends, it’s worth it. Being in great shape going into spring is wonderful to experience. The wind will still bite, and all of the cold weather gear will still slow you down, but you’ll know you did well over the winter when you throw your leg over the top tube.

Ride hard, my friends. We’re almost there!


  1. unironedman says:

    Splendidly uplifting! I am still finding Christmas decorations around the house, and you are posting about it being ‘four weeks left ’til March’. Very positive approach. I am a cold, wet and damp Irishman and I approve this message!

  2. joliesattic says:

    We’ve got a gap in the weather here so, if Russ get’s with it, he’ll be getting in his Sunday ride as well. He’s not riding as much as you have, but the fact that he’s getting back onto it all is a blessing. I think it’s good for him.

  3. sarahdudek80 says:

    I love reading the positive notes about spring around the corner. I’m ready for it. I’m also sending my husband over to read these posts. He’s getting into cycling as he has gotten the triathlon bug in the last year and is now doing the Half Ironman in TC this summer. Cycling he has discovered, is his weakness.

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