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Now is the Time to Get Your Steed Tuned Up… not a Week Into March or Worse, in April.

Every cyclist who can’t perform their own tune-up on their bike will be descending on the bike shop with their favorite steed to get it tuned up – usually right around the first nice day of the year. There will be a one to two week backlog. Those who don’t know any better will wonder why it could possibly take that long to get a bike tuned up.

Well, if you didn’t before, now you know. It’s because everyone heads over to the shop at roughly the same time; two days before the weather breaks.

Don’t be one of the sheep. Take your bike in for its tune-up now. The benefits are huge. You’ll get the best mechanics – the people the shop can’t lay off over the slow winter months for fear they’ll find other work. You’ll also get your bike tended to while work is slim at the shop – the attention to detail will be greater.

There is a downside, of course. There always is. You can be virtually guaranteed the shop will find every last little thing wrong with your bike and want to fix it. Be weary of up-selling.

Other than that one small item to look out for, which will only be a real problem with the less scrupulous shops, be ready for spring rather than get stuck playing “I wish I could be riding right now”. Take your steed in and get it looked over before the rush. You’ve only got a few weeks to be ahead of the game.