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Every once in a while we need the obligatory easy day…

February 2019

On an average day at work I climb about 1,360 stairs. Long about Wednesday afternoon I start tiring out.

It wasn’t such a big deal when we were working on the Third and Fourth floors, but now we’re all the way up on Twelve and the whole “not having a working elevator at our disposal is starting to suck.

Now, for those in construction, you’re thinking, wait, we work down, not up! Very perceptive! You’re right! Except when a job gets screwed up through incompetent management. Then you work up a couple of floors, then down five floors, from the middle, then down two more, then you mess with twelve and the penthouse. Without an elevator. Brilliant.  It is what it is.

Yet, I digress…  Big time.  At least it’s an excellent fitness opportunity.

So last night my legs were feeling rather smoked when I got home. I almost took a night off, but I won’t be hitting the trainer on Friday due to bowling and I took a day off for my daughter’s swim meet on Monday.  I don’t need the miles – those trips up and down the steps are better than trainer time anyway, but my 45 minutes on the trainer is still therapy… and I’m not missing three days in a week. Nope.

So, I’m sitting on the bed, not looking forward to hammering out 45 minutes in the hardest gear and it hit me; active recovery day.  With a new spring in my step, I suited up and threw a leg over the top tube.  I cued up Pacific Rim on Xfinity on Demand and got lost.  By lost, I mean it.  I was third from the last gear and maintaining my perfect cadence (don’t ask me for the number of RPM, I have no idea – it just feels right), just spinning away.  A while into it I decided to check the time, only to see I’d gone over by a couple of minutes…  And that’s how a session on the trainer should go.  Unfortunately, those days are rare.

I woke up this morning feeling considerably better.

Ride hard, my friends.


  1. unironedman says:

    Hope the lift is fixed for the snagging!

  2. Working out is therapeutic for me too. Love how the time flies as I get lost in it, and the satisfaction afterwards 💪🏼

  3. I am waiting for a post from you that says “I fell asleep on the trainer and woke up to find that my wife had thrown a blanket over me”. You would probably have TDF dreams!

  4. joliesattic says:

    Working out when I’m sore is the best help I get for sore muscles.
    BTW, I met a young man today who came from Nashville to California to get and stay clean. So far his recovery is going well and I believed him. ( I hope, that with all the drugs we have in this town that he can stay that way and I didn’t mention it) He is hoping that being away from his crowd and the environment he fell into will help. I told him your story and your blog plus how cycling has helped you. He liked that very much. He was on his way to a support meeting. (I drive for LYFT)
    It’s not appropriate to exchange numbers, but I hope what little I shared with him helps him hold fast. He was in his 20’s. Prayers for that young man and thanks for your blog.

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