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Day Two on My New Selle Italia SLR Tekno Flow

February 2019

Day two on my new saddle was a day for getting it squared away, leveled and to test its limits as comfort goes. If I’m good at anything, it’s geeking out over tiny details.

For this test, I chose to wear my lightest pair of bibs with a chamois that’s… well, there isn’t much there.  They’re a nice pair of bibs, but I won’t wear them for a ride longer than 40 miles for the lack of adequate chamois padding.

I wanted to feel what was happening – that’s the only way to be certain I’ve got everything right. A thick chamois wouldn’t transfer enough… um… feedback. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

I started pedaling and noticed two things within the first minute. The nose of the saddle was just a shade too high, and the saddle itself needed to be lowered, maybe two millimeters. I made the adjustments and climbed back on. Perfect.

I spent the next 45 minutes in the same spot, pedaling away, watching Martian. I doubt I’ll have to change another thing after that… except that pair of bibs. Those won’t work on that saddle.

One final observation; that saddle probably won’t work on the Trek even though I’m running it through the paces on that bike. Not that I’d want the expensive saddle on the Trek, it’s just too lacking in padding to go on a bike that requires 23mm tires. The Venge, with its 25mm tires and carbon fiber wheels, is vastly more comfortable for such a stiff saddle.  In the end, I’ll put the Selle on the Venge and take the Romin off the Venge and put that on the 5200.


  1. very much appreciate the feedback on saddles. i must say, to date ive not found a saddle that will work well for 100+ miles. still searching. the specialized saddle i purchased and had custom ordered to fit turned out to be the worse saddle i own. 😦 keep the post coming my friend, have a great day

  2. The Omil says:

    Preaching to the converted here – it’s not the price or the padding but that fit that counts. My very cheap Ebay ‘equivalents’ (£14 each – about $18?) come in at 95g and I managed to do a four day, 550 mile, ride and an ‘everest’ on one (mind you those rides went well beyond the saddle’s limit of comfort, even with thick padding to the shorts!)

  3. Great post! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I’m glad I’m not the only one who enjoys spending the time to get things right. Down to the millimetre!

  4. […] up a chain for an old, heavy Fuji I fixed up for a guy at work, and I’m trying that carbon Selle Italia SLR again so an official weighing seemed […]

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