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Two Weeks Till Spring… It’s Time to Hit It Hard.

If you’ve been joining in with me on the push to spring, the goal is to be pushing hard gears on the trainer so that we’re in better than normal shape before the spring push hits. The solitary goal is to enjoy the spring speed ramp-up whilst everyone else has their tongues dangling in their spokes.

That is, everyone except those riding smart trainers on Zwift. They’ll likely be right there with you.  CURSE YOU, ZWIFT!

That said, last week we were just getting into our hardest gear.  This week we should be fully embracing the big gear that we picked a couple of months ago.  Over the next two weeks, as the weather starts to warm up enough to ride outside, we want to be pushing the hard gear every workout, with the exception of rest days (if necessary) and an active recovery day here or there.

This phase is going to take some want to, but if you stick with it, you’re spring will be a lot more enjoyable.

Push the big gears, my friends.  We’re almost there….