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I Am Going to Have to Rethink that “Two Weeks Left till We’re Outside”, Thing…


February 2019

We’re not getting outside next week. First time since I started cycling, and it’s going to be way too cold to ride outside in the first week of March.

We’re looking at lows in the teens (F) next week, with highs well below freezing.  We’ve even got a couple of days with highs in the teens.

That’s a bit too cold to want to head outdoors.  If the rain holds off Saturday, we might get lucky and sneak out for a quick ride, though. A little context is in order here; there’s an 80% chance of rain Saturday.  A 35% chance of rain in Michigan works out to a realistic probability of rain closer to 97.421%.  In other words, by the time you get up to 80%, it’s simply going to rain, the only questions are when and for how long.  After rain on Saturday and Sunday, we’re into the freezer once again for another week or more.

Spring is going to be put off a bit.

Of course, this isn’t so bad, either.  I’ve been working my ass off on the trainer and it’s paying off.  I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been.  I’m ready for spring, all I have to do is wait for it to get here.

In the meantime, it always does me good to remember the good times.  We’re almost there.


  1. road_THEORY says:

    Patience required by the sound of it. Forecast says 13 degrees C here in the north of England this weekend (that’s 55, Fahrenheit fans!).

    I share this not to troll you but to…well, ok , maybe inspire a small amount of jealousy 😉

  2. This old man with fat bike has been riding outside. It must be below zero or raining to stop me now!

  3. Sue Slaght says:

    Good attitude Jim. Yes we will get there eventually. Best to keep a smile on and keep at it indoors.

  4. OmniRunner says:

    About five more weeks until April 1st.
    February is usually the coldest and snowiest month. So far we’ve had cold but are way below our average snow fall. Hoping we don’t make up for it in March. I have run in blowing snow on April 1st.
    We have cold and rain forecast for the weekend and Sunday Long Run is right in the middle of it!
    Spring is coming!

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