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OH MY GOD! Riding a Bike is Sofa-King Awesome!!! Dammit!!!


February 2019

Finally, a day on the bikes, outside! Sweet Baby Jesus in a manger!

It wasn’t even all that warm, though for a late February afternoon, I wasn’t about to complain. Oh, and it was spectacularly sunny!

Mrs. Bgddy waited for me to get home from work so we could ride together, and I’d had a late day at the office the day before, so I played a little hooky and left a few hours early.  The ride was slow and enjoyable.  Even with the layers I had on, leg warmers just wasn’t enough… I should have worn a pair of tights, too.  Still, even a little under dressed, I couldn’t help but smile at being outside in the sunshine.  My wife and I just turned the miles at a leisurely pace and talked over some of life’s happenings.

And then we’d sprint for the City Limits signs.  Of course.

Better, that ridiculously hard, tiny saddle my friend gave me is easily the most comfortable saddle my butt has ever had the pleasure of sitting on. The saddle is nice for riding on the trainer, but outside, on the road, it’s simply amazing. Vastly more comfortable than my old mountain bike saddle that has eight to ten times the padding. Vastly.

As in, jaw-droppingly, fantastically comfortable. I don’t even know how it’s possible on that little tiny thing – especially considering it’s not all that fantastic on the trainer (even as dialed in as I got it the other day).  That saddle is going to be excellent on the Venge.

So, today is it.  We’re heading out in an hour for the last outdoor ride for a couple of weeks.  We’re heading back to outrageously unseasonably cold weather for the next several days…  Tomorrow’s high is supposed to be 47° (8 C), but after 50-mph winds and a cold front, the bottom falls out and the low will be 16°… or “butt-ass cold” for Celsius fans.  Folks, enjoy ’em while you get ’em.



  1. Nothing like that first outdoor ride after being locked to the trainer for some time. Glad you had a good one! 🙂 Now keep safe and outta that cold.

    Last weekend of summer here. It was 7 deg C this morning…

  2. Nice to get out, eh? I got out on the fat bike, but the crushed limestone trails were mushy from the thaw. Still a great ride!

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