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A Great, if Cold, Saturday Ride on the Tandem with My Wife… Or, If You Want to Be Strong on a Single Bike, Ride a Tandem.

Saturday morning was cold, certainly below freezing, but livable. I picked up a pro-grade jacket and vest for just $30 at a bike swap meet a couple of weeks ago and the jacket was perfect for the temperature – the finest I’d ever worn.

Mrs. Bgddy asked if I wanted to take the tandem so I took the cue and got it ready… pedals, saddle bag, air and food (just in case a bike ride broke out).  I really wanted to take the Trek, but I figured the workout would do me good.

We wheeled the beast out the front door and got rolling almost immediately.

It was a weird morning. Completely overcast, chilly – maybe even cold enough to justify the trainer – but it had been so long since we rode outside, I didn’t care. The first two miles were crisp but I warmed up soon enough.

I love riding the tandem.

We both had a boneheaded “sorry about that, I wasn’t thinking” moment – you’d think riding a tandem would be just like “riding a bike”, but it isn’t.  Possibly because we don’t ride it as much, but we always go through a learning curve after we’ve been off it for a while.  We just have to get used to working together again.

On the plus-side, once we got into the headwind, my wife tapped my butt a couple of times to get me to ease up a bit to keep from dropping our friends.

It always makes me chuckle to myself; when I’m up front, I’m always thinking, “You’ve gotta push harder, they’re all just chilling out back there wishing the train was moving a little faster.”

In reality, I was flogging myself for nothing.  Funny how I have that tendency.