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February 2019

I could have left well enough alone. The new (to me) ultra-light Selle a friend gave to me a couple of weeks ago worked surprisingly well on the Trek. I couldn’t believe how much I liked that saddle on the 5200. I had my eyes on that 140 grams I could lose off the Venge, though – and leaving well enough alone is not what I do when it comes to bikes, in case you’re new here. Getting my aero-bike down to within a few tenths of a pound above UCI weight was just too much temptation to handle (aero-bikes are notoriously heavy because aero trumps weight until you climb – it is a rare day you can have both, but that is the case with the first generation Specialized Venge, if you sink enough money into it).

Rather than go back go the old, heavy Bontrager mountain bike saddle I had on the Trek, though, I’m opting to put the Specialized Romin saddle from the Venge on the 5200. While the Selle is great, when I get the position right with the Romin, it’s as good as it gets.

After my trainer ride last evening, I began the switching over process. I’ll be swinging by the bike shop this evening to pick up a cassette for the Venge (11-25 as opposed to 11-28 – I’ll get into that decision at a later date) and the saddle clamp that will allow me to clamp a 7×9 mm saddle rail to my Venge (sadly, that requires a special part). Once the Selle and the new cassette go on the Venge, with the Romin on the Trek, I’ll be complete for the season. No more changes necessary.

If you ever want to know why I continue to stay sober, read this post again. I LOVE my problems.

Next up on the “problems to fix” list is Mrs. Bgddy…. Somebody has a new set of wheels in her near future…


  1. I love taking time with my bikes to play around with them! I’ve got a few things that I can’t wait to do on all of them.

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