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Musical Saddles Part Deux; I Love It when a Plan Comes Together

I was in for a few surprises when I picked up my Selle carbon saddle.

I thought it was going to take a while to get used to, with the lack of padding. Nope, it’s like butter. Well, very expensive butter.

I thought the cutout was going to be too big. I refer back to that $50 a pound butter.

I didn’t think it’d look good on the Venge (it definitely wasn’t bad on the Trek, if it was a little out of place).

I don’t think it could have gone better, overall.

The test on the trainer was short, because I don’t ride that bike on the trainer, but I think it’s close enough for government work… at least for now. I’ll dial it in on Venge day, if it needs it.

The best surprise was how the Selle matched up with the existing components. The white lines on the saddle brings out the white on the stem and even the quick releases. After I lost the red and white decals on my Vuelta rims, when one cracked on a pothole that couldn’t be avoided, I always felt the white didn’t balance out… now I can finally relax about it.

Happy days.