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My Definition of Happiness;  Hoping and Praying that Tomorrow will be just like Today…

At 26 years and change sober, I love my wife and daughters as completely as I am able.  I have good friends, I enjoy my free time, and my work.  Above all, I love my sobriety and have something valuable to pass on, and do so enthusiastically.

All I want is another day just like this one.

And that is why I quit drinking in the first place.  I can still remember not wanting another day.  Period.  All I wanted out of life was to be happy.

It’s taken hard work and making some difficult choices, but the prayer came to be… and it will continue.  As long as I work for it one day at a time.

Recover hard, may friends.  I promise, if you keep coming back and you work for it, your life will be so good you’ll think it can’t get any better.  Six months after that you’ll realize that it did, all by itself.

That same promise was made to me a lot of years ago.  I’ve been there so many times I’ve lost count… and it just keeps getting better.