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My Apologies for Not Posting Regularly Lately…

My friends, I apologize for not posting regularly lately. I’m currently on a job that’s a 2-hour commute from my home… Actually, it’s a two-hour commute when it’s not snowing – and it’s snowed every morning since I’ve been heading down there, without fail.

And it’s going to be snowing again this morning when I head out. Fortunately, it’s set to warm up for tomorrow so I may get lucky and have a dry ride in.

That’s not all, though.

I’m in charge of the team that was brought in to unfuck the biggest, most impressive job I’ve ever seen. And we are short on time.

That’s not even a third of the building….

I can’t get into detail about where the job is and who it’s for out of respect for the owner and general contractor, but it’s right up my alley – it’s the kind of cutting-edge construction that gets me fired up.

So I’ve been crazy lately and haven’t had much time for anything but work, driving, a little family time and sleep.  Regular posting will resume again once I’ve had a chance to get a rhythm to this job so we can start making some progress on it.

Thank you for your patience… I’ve got some fun stuff to write about.