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If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Happy? Well, for One…

I’m reading an interesting article in the Atlantic, normally not exactly my source for information because they’re so ridiculously left-wing extremist, but I happened on an interesting topic so I clicked on the click-bait…  The question they seek to answer is why aren’t smart people happy?

Humorously, they do eventually get around to politics and why smart people believe in capitalism but tend to gravitate to socialism, but even that journey is marred by the one simple reason smart people aren’t happy.  First, the real reason that smart people tend to enjoy capitalism while gravitating to socialism is simple:  Capitalism is the only economic system known that can provide enough money that socialism might seem plausible.  Take away capitalism, which they (the true believer socialists) always do, and you get Venezuela.

Each. And. Every. Time.

And therein lies the rub; it’s simple.  You point a smart person at a simple solution and chaos ensues because smart people can’t help but overthink simple.

And this is why smart people have a tough time with “happy”.  Being happy is simple.  Do good, be good, work hard, enjoy the little things, make some money, and have fun.  All of those things are simple.  They’re not easy, but they don’t take a lot of brainpower to accomplish.  You point a professor at something like that and they have to start looking at self-actualization and a bunch of gobbledygook to show just how smart they are… and the mess crumbles in a heap of morass.

As a shining example, let’s look at the definition of happiness:


Dictionary result for happiness

  1. noun
    the state of being happy.

Folks, there isn’t a smart person alive that can live with a five word definition of something so complex as happiness.  And that’s exactly why happiness is so elusive.

My friends, happiness can be as simple as this:

Or you can read the smart (long, convoluted) version of what I just wrote in the Atlantic, here.